Thursday, November 19, 2009

kaspar layout

First off, I apologize for the messiness, I had to make a... few adjustments. Next time I'll just start over.
And I still didn't leave enough negative space in his body.

major flaws I noticed:
Compacted the body. too thin and too short
leg too short
hands too flat
eyes don't wrap around head
foot angled too far back
eyes angled too far back

Not sure if the structure or the contrasts are there.
The angle of the head doesn't seem right.
forgot about face meat behind cheeks and eye-mask.
Face too crowded
The hands are really flat, again.

I made his cheek on the left to thin, and the cheek on the right to big. This would've worked better

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patrick sevc said...

Thanks for the critique Thomas. I decided to put these together in the same post. Yeah, his right arm is too thin.